Planting Trees With Butterflies In Mind

To attract butterflies to your garden it is necessary to plant those food plants that the butterfly larvae or caterpillars will feed on. Throughout Australia butterfly gardening is beginning to gain momentum and if those individuals or community groups engaging in Rainforest regeneration and restoration projects adopt larval food plants into their planting schemes, then it will be the butterflies that benefit. In turn, so too will the casual and serious observer of nature. Remember that if you are providing the salad, expect it to be eaten, so you’re not going to grow that perfect plant so dear to the heart of the chemical industry. Once the trees are established resist the temptation to squash the grubs and experience the joy of adult butterflies flying through your garden.

Tree HostButterfly
Alphitonia excelsa (Red Ash)Small Greenbanded Blue
 Fiery Jewel
 Copper Jewel
Archontophoenix (Bangalow Palm)Orange Palmdart
Atractocarpus sps. (Native Gardenias)Bee Hawk Moth
Callicoma serratifolia (Black Wattle)Eastern Flat
Capparis arborea (Brush Caper Berry)Caper White
 Common Pearl White
Cassia marksiana (Brush Cassia)Lemon Migrant
Castanospermum australe (Black Bean)Pencilled Blue
Cinnamomum oliveri (Oliver’s Sassafras)Blue Triangle
Citriobatus pauciflorusBright Copper
Citrus australasica (Finger Lime)Orchard Butterfly
 Dingy Swallowtail
 Capaneus Butterfly
Cryptocarya glaucescens (Jackwood)Orchard Butterfly
Cryptocarya laevigata (Glossy Laurel)Blue Triangle
Cryptocarya triplinervis (Three-veined Laurel)Blue Triangle
 Macleays Swallowtail
Cupaniopsis anacardioides (Tuckeroo)Dark Ciliate Blue
 Candalides margarita
 Hairy Lineblue
 Fiery Jewel
 Felders Lineblue
 Glistening Blue
Daphnandra micrantha (Socketwood)Macleays Swallowtail
Diospyros fasciculosa (Grey Ebony)Cephenes Blue
Drypetes australasica (Yellow Tulip)Common Albatross
Ehretia acuminata (Koda)Hairy Blueline
 Common Aeroplane
Elaeocarpus obovatus (Hard Quandong)Fiery Jewel
Endiandra pubens (Hairy Walnut)Macleays Swallowtail
Ficus obliqua (Small-leaved Fig)Common Crow
Flindersia australis (Teak)Orchard Butterfly
Flindersia schottiana (Cudgerie)Orchard Butterfly
Floydia praealta (Ball Fruit)Pencilled Blue
Harpullia pendula (Tulipwood)Cornelian
Litsea leefeana (Brown Bolly Gum)Blue Triangle
Livistona australis (Cabbage Palm)Orange Palmdart
Lophostemon confertus (Brush Box)Common Red-Eye
 Eastern Flat
Macadamia tetraphyllaSix Lineblue
Melicope elleryana (Pink Euodia)Ulysses Swallowtail
 Emperor Moth
Melodorum leichhardtii (Zig-Zag Vine)Pale Green Triangle
 Four Bar Swordtail
Neolitsea dealbata ( White Bolly Gum)Blue Triangle
Pararchidendron pruinosum ( Snow Wood)Tailed Emperor
Pipturus argenteus (White Nettle)White Nymph
Podocarpus elatus (Plum Pine)Eastern Flat
Wilkiea huegelianaRegent Skipper (Endangered)

Reference : Common I.F.B. & Waterhouse D.F. (1981)
Butterflies of Australia Rev. ed. Angus & Robertson

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