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About Our Nursery

With more than 35 years experience in Australian native plants, we offer an ever expanding range of native groundcovers, grasses, shrubs, ferns & palms, climbers and rainforest species including :

Rainforest Plants

Rainforest Plants

Rainforest species come in all shapes and sizes creating diversity and establishing an important habitat for forest dependant plants, insects

Sclerophyll Plants

Sclerophyll Tubestock and Eucalypts

Sclerophyll plants occur in areas of less rainfall and are able to survive in dry conditions. Common plants include grevilleas, wattles, banksias, hakeas, eucalypts, callistemons & melaleucas.

Ground Cover Plants


Groundcover plants provide protection of the topsoil from erosion and drought. They also provide important habitat for native insects, frogs, lizards & other animals.

Grasses, Sedges and Herbs

Grasses, Sedges & Herbs

Grasses, sedges & herbs stop the soil eroding, create habitat for frogs, food & nesting sites for birds & other wildlife around your dams & waterways.

Palms, Cycads, Grass trees

Palms, Ferns and Understorey Plants

These plants can be used as a feature in your garden or to fill in spaces, create layers and add colour, character and texture.


Cutting Grown Shrubs

Cutting grown shrubs can create beauty, shelter and privacy for you as well as food & habitat for butterflies, bees, birds and other wildlife in your garden.

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